Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Marking the Process

Work continues in the studio as I develop variations of entangled vines and thickets. I have completed several grid experiments in both graphite and mixed media, which will serve as prototypes for larger work.

Entangled Grid 2, mixed media, 24x24

Preliminary design (left) and mixed media work (right) developed from it.

Entangled Grid 3, 36x36, mixed media on panel

Entangled Grid #1, graphite on yupo, 20x20

Below are three small panels painted for a local exhibit. All Small will hang at the Rock and Art Gallery in Bangor during November and December. 

#1, 6x6, acrylic on panel

#2, 6x6, acrylic on panel

#3, 6x6, acrylic on panel

I have been searching for many strategies for making work in this series. In drawings below, previously completed preliminary sketches have become the first layer for more developed work that I transform by adding layers of transparent marks to the original drawing. 

Mixed media on paper, 11x14

Developed drawing from sketch, mixed media, 11x14

In developing the tangled landscapes of the southern woods, I have found strong contrasts with thickets of our northern forests, and look for ways to play one against the other. 

North, oil on paper, 22x22

South, 30x30, mixed media on paper

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