Sunday, September 9, 2018

Icelandic Variations - Ideas in Progress

During the summer I reviewed the twelve waterfall paintings that I completed while in Iceland, working to develop ideas for larger paintings, selecting favorite compositions, and playing my favorite game of "variation".  The first painting shown, acrylic on paper, was derived from several Seljalandfoss studies. This waterfall, the first I saw while traveling, made a strong impact because of it's scale, movement, and accessibility. One can walk up close and behind this waterfall, experiencing its power through the roar of the water and the mist that it produces.

Seljalandfoss, Yellow, 24x30, acrylic on paper

Seljalandfoss #5, gouache on yupo, 11x14

I experimented with how this small image would translate into larger gouache paintings on both yupo and paper. The paper absorbs the paint differently than the slick surface of yupo, giving subtle changes to the color and surface of the picture. 

Waterfall study, gouache on yupo, 20x26

Waterfall study, gouache on Rives BFK, 20x26

After painting the above images, I identified cropped sections that might provide dynamic compositions for larger paintings on canvas. 


Painting these fragments allowed me to emphasize the marks and movement. 

gouache on paper, 14x11

gouache on paper, 9x12

These small Iceland studies became the subject of a larger, more abstract variation of Skogafoss waterfall.

Skogafoss, gouache on yupo, 9x12

Skogafoss 2, 14x11

Skogafoss, gouache on yupo, 20x26

Other variations included a few collage studies done from torn gouache paintings.

Lava and Ice 1, 11x14, gouache on paper

Lava and Ice 2, 11x14, gouache on paper

This series, as well as other long-term projects involving movement in the landscape are ongoing.When I return to the studio in the fall, work on canvas will begin. 

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