Friday, September 1, 2017

Summer Gouache

I've been curious about gouache for a while and decided to use it this summer to see where it would lead me. Using gouache is like drawing with liquid color and seems to suit my expressive needs. I enjoy the range of surfaces from transparent to opaque that develop from varied applications.

Driftwood Beach 2, Great Spruce Head Island, gouache on yupo, 11x14

My early experiments were small color studies from memory. I worked with different papers and a variety of brushes. Discomfort with the process eventually gave way to freedom of exploration. Eventually, I worked outside where I sometimes overworked paintings, but aspired to the same minimal approach that accompanied the memory paintings. I like gouache for its clarity of color and directness of process, and approach it as I do drawing, making marks in response to what I see, and searching for essential shapes and forms.

Memory study, East Side Road, Late Afternoon10x8

Memory Study, East Side Road, 3x3

Morning, Bernard Marsh, 7x9

Bernard Marsh 2, 5x7

Addison Lupine, Pleasant Bay, 7.5x9.5

Addison Meadow, Wahoa Bay,  7.5x9

August brought a visit to Great Spruce Head Island where I stayed for five days painting with friends. Hiking around to favorite spots on the island, I drew and painted on paper and yupo.

From the Porch toward Butter and Barred, gouache, 9x12

Driftwood Beach 3, gouache on yupo, 11x14

Driftwood Beach 1, gouache on yupo, 11x14

Late Morning toward Bear Island, gouache, 9x12

Foggy Beach, Great Spruce Head Island, gouache, 11x14

South Meadow, Early Evening, gouache, 9x12

Tide Pool 3, gouache on yupo, 5.5x6

Tide Pool 2, gouache on yupo, 5x6


  1. I love the "Late Morning Toward Bear Island". Looks like you got a lot out of your explorations. Brava!

    1. Thanks, Jessyca. Like Cranberry, Great Spruce has many magical spots.

  2. Wow! I love seeing the variations you've achieved. Makes me curious myself. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. It is all about staying curious and surprised by the results.